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What is the SoWash system?

Sowash is an innovative hydro-jet for oral hygiene that directly connects to the tap and it doesn't need any batteries or electric energy to operate.

Why would I need the SoWash system?

Brushing teeth and using dental floss is often not enough to guarantee an effective and complete dental hygiene.

Although it is not meant to substitute brushing and flossing, with its fresh and powerful water-jet SoWash system arrives where toothbrushes and floss cannot easily reach.  SoWash ensures deep cleaning of interdental spaces, helps to remove under gum plaque and rinses your mouth with a beneficial gum massage.

Is the SoWash system effective?

The effectiveness of SoWash system and all its accessories has been clinically tested and it is confirmed daily by hundreds of thousands of clients all over the world! (For further details, the final report of  clinical tests is available in the “Benefits” section.)

Why should I buy the SoWash system and not an electric irrigator/Hydrojet with water tank?

Sowash system has several advantages compared to classical electric irrigators. Among the main advantages:

  • it doesn’t need any batteries (which are quickly discharged), nor electrical cables (a potential hazard for use in the bathroom) to operate;
  • it’s quiet because of the lack of an electric motor;
  • it allows you to conveniently regulate temperature and optimal water pressure directly from the tap;
  • it’s not cumbersome;
  • there are no water tanks to drain or unhygienic stagnations of water;
  • it costs less than half the price of the cheapest electric irrigators.

Is the SoWash system suitable for everybody?

  • The SoWash system is suitable and recommended for everyone, even those who already maintain a good oral hygiene and currently don’t have any dental pathology or problems.
  • The SoWash system is particularly indicated in case of orthodontic apparatus, implants or prosthesis.

Why is the SoWash system eco friendly?

SoWash is the eco friendly because compared to other electronic hydro-jets and oral irrigators with water tank:

  • It doesn’t require any batteries or electricity
  • It uses only the water needed, without waste
  • It’s much smaller than others and therefore less plastic is necessary for its production and packaging
  • It has no internal motors so it is simple to dispose of