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Can I use SoWash on travel?


It is available the universal quick adapter "ADDY" that allows you to connect SoWash to the tap without having to remove the filter so it is particularly useful when you are away from home, whether for a day and for longer times.





How many types of water-jet or picks exist?

There are different types of "picks" with different water-jets:

  • Hydro-jet with linear  and continuous single jet;
  • Hydro-pulser with triple pulsating jet;
  • Hydro-toothbrush, toothbrush with linear and continuous single jet;
  • Hydro-interdental brush, interdental brush with linear and continuous single jet.

What is the difference between hydro-jet and hydro-pulser head?

The hydro-jet head has a linear single-jet water stream, while the hydro-pulser head has a triple pulsating jet.

Hydro-jet is more suitable for people who desire a deeper interdental cleaning or in case of orthodontic apparatus and prosthesis.

Hydro-pulser, with 3 jets slightly less powerful and also carrying out a gum massage, is suitable for people with sensitive gums.

The hydro-jet  and the hydro-pulser  heads are interchangeable and can be used on the same SoWash system.

I usually brush my teeth during the shower: can I still use SoWash?

The Multifunctional joint for shower accessory allows you to connect the Sowash System to the shower.

Thanks to its switch, it allows you to use the shower normally, to use SoWash System or both at the same time.

If you don’t connect Sowash, the Multi-functional joint for shower permits also to have a powerful water jet ideal for an optimal back and hair rinse or for a pleasant facial massage.


How can I use the same SoWash System in several homes or baths?

You will only need to buy another SoWash filter to connect to the tap of the other baths in which you wish to use SoWash system.

The Multifunctional joint for shower accessory is also available to connect the Sowash System to the shower.

Can the same SoWash system be shared with more members of the family?

Yes, just change the head on the handle, because all heads are interchangeable between them.

Spare parts are available for all types of heads: Hydro-jet, Hydro-pulser, Hydro-toothbrush and Hydro-interdental brush. 

Why is the price so low compared to the other oral irrigators / hydro-jets available on the market?

Because of the absence of electric parts, we can save a lot on components and therefore we have lower costs compared to the other irrigators present on the market.

The quality level and the effectiveness of the products are guaranteed by a production made in Italy and by the use of exclusively high quality materials.