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TECHNICAL FEATURES ( How to use, Assembly...)

How does the SoWash system work?

The SoWash system, thanks to a special filter, directly connects to the tap and therefore it operates using water pressure.


How can I install SoWash?

Connecting SoWash is very simple: unscrew the filter of your own tap and replace it with the filter supplied in the box.

Once the filter is connected, the SoWash system can be connected easily and quickly every time you want.

The substitution of the filter of your tap with the one supplied in the SoWash box must be made only the first time because the SoWash filter works just like a regular faucet, guaranteeing water filtering and airing.

For further information we suggest watching the video on the assembly of the SoWash system.


Is the Sowash system compatible with all taps?

The SoWash system is compatible with all taps with standard aerator filter (according to CEN EN 246), both with internal and external thread. (All non-screw taps are usually included in this standard). 

Adapters are available for non-standard threads and, in addition, you can also connect SoWash to the shower thanks to the multifunctional joint for shower.

Does the SoWash system require to screw and unscrew taps for each use?

Absolutely not.  The SoWash filter must be installed only the first time and it is not necessary to unscrew it at the end of each usage.  The SoWash filter allows the tap to work regularly, guaranteeing filtering and airing of the water.

For further information we suggest to watch the video on the assemblage of the SoWash System on the page “How to use it”.

I'm not sure that the SoWash filter fits my tap, what can I do?

We suggest to send an email to our customer service to identify the type of thread of your tap.

Should your tap not be compatible with the SoWash filter, other adapters are available for use with different threads.

Alternatively, you could connect SoWash also to the shower, thanks to its multifunctional joint for shower.

Does SoWash need maintenance or may it easily break/damage?

The SoWash system doesn't require any particular maintenance, it doesn't fear scale, and thanks to the high quality of its materials and the absence of electric parts inside, it guarantees the best duration compared to similar products.

Is water pressure present in my zone enough?

In order for SoWash system to work and obtain an effective dental cleaning low water pressure is enough.


Is the SoWash System safe?

The SoWash system is equipped with a valve (Patented System) that automatically discards excess water pressure in the sink, guaranteeing an optimal water-jet for dental cleaning and never dangerous for gums.

Furthermore, without electric cables, the SoWash System is absolutely safe to handle.

Is water leakage from the bottom of the graft normal?

Water leakage from the lower part of the graft is absolutely normal and, indeed, it shows the correct operation of the control valve for water pressure (Patented System).

Thanks to this valve, some water is discharged into the sink ensuring the water jet is optimal and never too strong and potentially dangerous for the gum’s collar.


There is a water leak from the bottom of the handle: on what does it depend?

The water leak from the hole at the bottom of the handle can be caused by bad insertion of the head on the handle: it is therefore suggested to disassemble and reassemble the head.

In case the water loss persists, check inside the lower part of the head to see if a small black gasket is present. If so, please contact the customer service by email for further assistance.

How can I dismantle and assemble the heads on the handle SoWash?

To remove the hydro-jet head it’s sufficient to pull off the handle. To assemble it you only need to  insert until it clicks.

To remove the head of the hydro-pulser, hydro-jet and hydro-interdental brush irrigator, it is necessary to slightly rotate the head and pull it. To install it you need to insert the head until it clicks and then rotate.


What is the difference between hydro-jet and hydro-pulser packaging?

The hydro-jet package contains, in addition to SoWash System and a filter with adapter, a single-jet  hydro-jet head. The hydro-pulser package contains everything listed in the hydro-jet package plus a triple pulsating jet head. Moreover the hydro-pulser package contains a  practical bag to preserve the device.

Can I use more accessories on a single SoWash System?

Yes. SoWash accessories (pick Hydro-jet, Hydro-pulser, Hydro-toothbrush and Hydro-interdental brush) are all interchangeable with one another. Therefore it is possible to use all the picks on the same device.