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Guest Book

I bought SoWash because I have used oral irrigators before and I really liked the practice. But, SoWash exceeded all my expectations.
I can use it as long as I feel I need without annoying need to refill tank and it comes with multiple nozzles. Easy to set up, cute and practical bag keeps everything presentable and at hand. And I really like the quietness I can enjoy during my hygiene routine.
Did I mention it is bargain compared to other devices? And eco-friendly? By now you can see I really like my little friend SoWash :)
marijana ( Cakovec (Croatia) )
I have purchased the Hydro-pulser model which comes with 2 heads. It is very good.
I think the hydro-pulser head is a must. Well worth the extra charge against the standard hydrojet head.
It is simple, hygienic, compact and the pressure is way higher than what an electric unit is able to achieve.
Also the pressure is smoothly controllable.
It takes up no space on the shelf and much easier to keep it clean than any electric unit.
I definitely recommend it.
Tamas ( Hungary )
I always had plaque in a few hours after brushing my teeth, but since I use the Sowash, there is even none after a whole day! This is a real tooth saver! Thanks!
Ron ( Assen, Netherlands )
A brilliant idea, with few euro I bought this little jewel in a pharmacy. I think that it is essential for a good oral hygiene. It’s practical, small, eco-friendly and revolutionary. Don’t forget that a similar product with different brand costs € 80, it is bulky, it uses electricity, and it is surely more subject to breakdowns especially for the quality of water that comes out from our taps.
I recommend this product to all people who take care of their teeth, besides, the installation is easy and everybody can do it. Moreover the spare parts and the accessories are easy to order and cheap.
I believe that this product offers a great service with a good price for everyone. In the past I used similar products but much more expensive and bulky. I wonder why it took so long to invent a product like this that, among other things, is an Italian creation.
Congratulations to everyone who participated to the realization of this project.

from "" ( )
I’m so satisfied by your products that I continually recommend them to everyone I know, both for the low cost and for their effectiveness. I’m satisfied also by the delivery service and so my final grade, if I may, is 10/10.
Antonio Alves ( Napoli- Italy )
I use it everyday and among the oral irrigators I used, it is the easiest, the least noisy but at the same time the most effective. In the past I used electric irrigators but they didn’t give me an adequate cleansing ( I have got many crowns and so the cleansing at the base of the gums and among the dental interstices is not simple to do), they often needed repairs, and I couldn’t carry them with me when I was on holiday or on a trip, as I do now with SoWash. What else to say, I can’t do without it!
Bartolomeo Bombini ( Bisceglie - Italy )
I regularly use the SoWash hydro-jet every night, and I find it really very convenient, (no plugs, outlets, etc…) easy to use and effective. Recently I went for a regular check up to the dentist and he confirmed that my teeth are well cleaned. I really couldn’t do without it!
Maria Paola P. ( Piacenza - Italy )
I use my SoWash everyday and I don’t know how I did it before using it! I talk about it with everyone and it’s a great gift idea so I think that I will buy another one soon.
Giovanni P. ( Napoli - Italy )
SoWash is a very valid product that works very well. The dentist that sees me at every check says that compliments for the results that I obtain thanks to SoWash! My sincere congratulation and many thanks!
Michele M. ( Cogoleto - GE - Italy )
It’s the best purchase I did! Practical, speedy to use and always ready to be used. I can’t do without it. I recommend SoWash hydro-jet to everyone, in order to have a perfect smile in every circumstance, both at home and at work. Especially at work…
Roberta A. ( Zelarino - VE- Italy )
I have been using SoWash from some months now and I can say that I’m very satisfied… Before I used the electric irrigators and I discovered SoWash thanks to my dentist who recommended it to me… I use it every day and it is very practical and easy to use, it works perfectly, it doesn’t break with limestone ( as it happened often with the electric ones) it is not bulky and moreover it is really cheap … ( I event sent an email awhile back to the company that produces the SoWash to congratulate them for this invention…)! My opinion can only be positive and I recommend you to buy it if you are still not sure … I bought it in a pharmacy but you can buy it also via the website
Valeria ( comment from "Yahoo Answer" )
Useful, effective , practical and cheap product. Better than the electric one (much more expensive and bulky ) I bought previously. I carry it with me also on holiday ( it occupies the same space of the toothbrush). Excellent product!!!!
Massimo F ( Aosta - Italy )
I bought the SoWash hydro-pulser few weeks ago on my dentist’s recommendation… and I must say that it is really awesome!!! In the past I used electric irrigators but they were bulky ( I don’t have a lot of space in my bathroom), noisy ( in the morning I woke up everybody as I get up early for work…) and than I had to change at least a couple of them as they broke after one year of use due to the limestone I guess…On the contrary SoWash hydro-pulser is small, silent, very practical as it connects directly to the tap easily, and the sensation of cleaning is nothing short of the one of electric irrigators, on the contrary … Besides, if we consider that it doesn’t use electricity or batteries, for an ecologist as me it is really the best!! Really great… I highly recommend its purchase, as it costs very little for its quality ( I bought it on the company’s website for just $19.80)!
from "" ( )
I bought the SoWash hydro-jet to connect to the tap: I’m very satisfied both with the product, very high in quality and impossible to find elsewhere with these same characteristics, and the service of the shop on line, very fast (less than 48 hours to receive the goods) and economic, as exceeding the minimum threshold of 29,90 Euro the shipping is free. Highly recommended!!!
from "" ( )
It is a great product, thanks to its small size and its low price. It works well, it occupies very little space in the any beauty case and it is more effective than the best dental floss which often irritates my gums, also if I pay a lot of attention. I carry it always with me when I travel. It is easy to unscrew the aerator filter from the tap and replace it with the SoWash filter, this way I can always use my SoWash everywhere I am. Absolutely recommendable!
Gabriella S. ( Casale Monferrato - AL - Italy )
SoWash is wonderful for the oral care with orthodontic appliance, not to mention the order/shipping service. Completely satisfied also with the price. Recommended to all!
Mara S. ( Maranello - MO - Italy )
At first I was skeptical about SoWash hydro-jet but after buying it I’m so satisfied with it. Having very hard water full of limestone where I live, all the electric irrigators I bought before (very expensive) after 5-6 months of use had to be repaired or throw away; on the contrary SoWash, not having any mechanical parts, still works without a hitch after one year of use. Thank you!
Diego B. ( Molvena - VI - Italy )
I’m very satisfied with SoWash hydro-pulser. I had problems with sensitive gums and the massage realized by the SoWash hydropulser has significantly improved my gums. I highly recommend the use of this product, I have to say also eco-friendly.
Paola C. ( Nogara - VR - Italy )