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The effectiveness of the SoWash system is clinically tested! 


Easy to use 

Just connect it to the tap and regulate the temperature and the optimal water pressure directly from the grip of the tap.


It doesn’t need electrical cables to work, always dangerous to use in bathroom, or batteries, which quickly discharge and can’t be left unused inside the product for a long time.


Compared to the other electric irrigators, SoWash:

      • doesn’t need electricity or batteries which are polluting and difficult to dispose of;
      • because it doesn’t use a water reservoir, it uses only the necessary water, without waste;
      • thanks to its small size, for its production it is necessary to use only a very small quantity of plastic, and it's the same for the quantity of packaging materials;
      • it has no motors inside and so the future recycling and disposal are easier. 


...more than 90% of the people who bought SoWash products via our shop online is satisfied and would recommend the purchase!


One of the main causes of the breaking of the classical electric irrigators is the limestone, as it is the enemy of their inside motors.  On the contrary SoWash doesn’t fear limestone! Moreover, as SoWash is made of only high quality plastic, it has no weak points…


There is no motor inside the SoWash, whose noise during the use could be tiresome both for yourself and for the other members of your family.



 The SoWash system doesn’t need any water tanks, which must be drained in order to avoid unhygienic stagnation of water.


SoWash is smaller than the classic electric irrigator, so it does not occupy a lot of space in the bathroom. Thanks to its size SoWash can be held in one hand and it can be stored in a toothbrush holder.


SoWash doesn’t require any particular maintenance as it has no electric circuits inside.


The quality of our products is very important to us, which is why we produce them completely in Italy.


... in spite of all these advantages, SoWash costs less than half the price of the cheapest electric irrigators!