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In- depth studies carried out by the Second University of Studies of Naples show the effectiveness of SoWash hydro-jet and its accessories.

After only 14 days of use of the SoWash system :

- Reduces plaque by 70% (vpi)

- Reduces gum bleeding by 60% (bop)


- Reduces plaque by 70% (vpi) - Reduces gum bleeding by 60% (bop)



Some other important results of the study:

SoWash hydro-jet is particularly recommended in case of orthodontic appliances, implants or bridges, in fact:

"…in patients who have difficulty to practice a good oral hygiene by brushing, in patients with orthodontic appliance, and in all cases of difficulty cleansing interdental spaces, the advantage of the use of  SoWash hydro-jet looks more evident. "

"The use of tested system showed, from a clinical point of view, a strong reduction of the bacterial plaque... "

"…the SoWash system showed, from a biochimical point of view, some progress in terms of composition of the crevicular fluid. "

".....The use of the SoWash hydro-jet improves the clinical-biochemical picture after the treatment."

Clinical studies realized by the SECOND UNIVERSITY OF STUDIES OF NAPLES on 50 subjects affected by gingivitis and/or periodontitis that have been used the SoWash system and its accessories for 14 days:  standard Hydro-jet; Hydro-pulser; Hydro-interdental brush .

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