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SoWash Oral Irrigator



SoWash is the innovative oral irrigator for the oral care that, thanks to a fresh and powerful water jet, guarantees:


      • interdental cleansing
      • removal of sub-gingival plaque
      • deep rinsing
      • a benefic gingival hydro-massage


SoWash is a practical and easy to use novelty. It does not need any batteries or electricity to operate:

it connects directly to the tap and works only with water pressure!


SoWash doesn't require any particular maintenance as it doesn't use electric circuits or batteries, it does not fear  limestone, it is silent, eco-friendly, with restrained size, and it allows to regulate and control both the temperature and the pressure of the water jet directly from the grip of the tap.


SoWash is a complete system for the oral care thanks to a line of interchangeable accessories as hydro-toothbrush, hydro-pulser or hydro-interdental brush

Recent clinical studies carried out from the Second University of Studies of Naples, proved the effectiveness of SoWash hydro-jet and its accessories: the results show how SoWash hydro-jetis particularly effective, in “all cases of difficult cleansing of the interdental spaces”, as for example in patients with orthodontic devices, implants or dental bridges.

SoWash system features a special safety-valve that allows the exceeding water pressure to fall down automatically into the sink, guaranteeing a constant and optimal water jet output, never dangerous for the gums.

It is possible to purchase the complete line of  SoWash oral care products in pharmacies, and also on our, Shop online and taking advantage of our exclusive promotions and receiving the products directly at your doorsteps.


...Over 90% of our customers are satisfied with SoWash products and recommend their purchase*! (read the comments of SoWash users)


With SoWash you will feel the pleasure of a fresh, natural, and effective oral care as never before!


SoWash system is a product created, designed and manufacrured in Italy by Water Powered srl. 

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