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Connection System

The SoWash system can be connected to the tap via a special bayonet mount which guarantees a stable and easy connection.

To connect SoWash , it is necessary to substitute (only the first time) the filter of your own tap with the one provided in the SoWash package. The SoWash filter has 4 grains inside it, which allow the connection of the white connector of the SoWash system.






The SoWash aerator filter can be connected directly and easily to the home tap, without using any tools. It replaces the old aerator filter, ensuring both the normal use of the tap and the use of the SoWash system.


The SoWash filter is adaptable to all taps with screwable aerator filter (According to CEN EN 246). This standard is respected by all the taps with screwable filter present on the market.  Before purchasing SoWash system, we suggest to verify that your tap has got a standard screwable filter.


The SoWash filter is supplied in all the SoWash packages.


It is possible to purchase as accessories additional filters, with adapter or in metal, to allow the connection of the same SoWash system to several taps ( second bath, office, second home…).








The special SoWash connector has a safety valve which is the result of extensive research and technological innovation (Italian Patent).


The valve checks automatically the possible change in water pressure, flowing down directly into the sink the exceeding water pressure. During the use of SoWash, the possible leakage of water from the bottom part of the connector (as shown in the photo on the left) is absolutely normal and it indicates that the valve is functioning correctly.


Thanks to the internal valve, the SoWash connector guarantees a constant water jet output, optimal for the dental cleaning and never too strong and dangerous for your gums.